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Cuticle Pusher

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This pro-grade cuticle pusher that helps you prep—and perfect—the art of the salon-quality manicure at home. This must-have tool not only aids in achieving even, healthy-looking cuticles, but also elongates the look of nails, too.

  • Beveled edge smooths and tidies up cuticles without damaging the nail bed
  • Rubber-finished tip pushes back cuticles with gently and effectively, with ease
  • Ergonomically-designed handle enables a comfortable, steady grip in order to apply even pressure

Always clean the Cuticle Pusher prior to and after each use.

Start with clean hands. Soften the nails and cuticles with Nourishing Cuticle Oil, letting the treatment sink into the skin for 1-2 minutes before patting away the excess with a tissue.

Hold the Cuticle Pusher as you would a pen or pencil. Use light yet firm pressure when guiding the tool: let the rubber edge slide from edge of the cuticles as you push it back to the base of the nail. Repeat on all nails.

For best results, finish with a 1-2 drops of Nourishing Cuticle Oil to deeply moisturize the cuticle area before starting your manicure.

Use Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover to gently melt away excess cuticle build up in order to leave the nails smooth.

Cuticle Pusher
Cuticle Pusher Sale price$12.00