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Our Story

Our Founding

I was introduced to downtown Bainbridge in the summer of 2019. I thought it was charming, but did not begin to research it until I had reason to believe that it could be where I settled after college. The more I looked for opportunity for myself in Bainbridge, the more excited I became. But there was only one problem-- the opportunities available were not extended to my area of study, Fashion Merchandising.

Still sure that Bainbridge is where I would settle, I knew I had to choose. Would I move to work in a field that I was not excited about? Or would I attempt to fill a gap? The more I researched and prayed, the simpler this decision became. Bainbridge needed a men's & women's retailer who could bring timeless & classic styles to this historic town. I believed I could do this for Bainbridge.

The support Rivers & Bridge has received is humbling. I am so happy to be in this community! This dream has been a long time coming. 


Ansley Renfroe Holden

Rivers & Bridge Clothing Company Founder


Our Brand

When it came to choosing the name & logo for this venture, I wanted the area to be represented. 'Rivers' is in honor of the Flint River, and nearby Chattahoochee River. 'Bridge' is a tribute to both Bainbridge, as well as the recognizable bridge across the Flint.

As for our logo of a yellow lab, he is a representation of my two family dogs-- Jake & Buck. They have been great companions for me, so I thought creating a theme of friendship within our brand would represent both myself & downtown Bainbridge well. However, since this logo has been created, we have added a dog to the R&B family. In store, you will likely meet Jet, our black goldendoodle. He will be our in-store mascot, while Jake & Buck will continue to be represented through our branding.