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Article: My "Colour Analysis" Experience

My "Colour Analysis" Experience

I knew that Molly was coming to the store for our second birthday. Because of that, I told Ansley that we had to go first. How could we tell other people how amazing “Colour Analysis” is if we had never had it done?

We made our appointments for a Monday afternoon. 

Back story. I knew that Molly is an image consultant. I knew that she helps people find their best colors. What I didn’t know was the value there is in knowing what mine are. 

Molly has always been one of the most stylish and best-dressed people that I know. There is no exaggeration there. I just had to trust the process. 

On that Monday afternoon, Ansley and I met Molly at her studio. We were given a lesson on the science behind color, and then I went first. I sat in front of a mirror in natural light. Molly started putting drapes around my neck to first determine if I was warm-toned or cool-toned. It was fascinating to see the difference just a shade or two of one color makes. 

After we determined that I was cool-toned, she started with more colors. No quick decisions were made, but we compared how similar colors looked on me and chose the best ones. We confirmed those choices as she removed the drapes. It turns out that my color season is winter!

Next, we determined out of the winter shades what my WOW colors are. This was followed by a 90-second make-up routine where I tried on multiple shades of lipstick to determine my favorites. 

This was such an eye-opening experience. What comes next is where it got real. 

Almost my whole entire closet was full of autumnal shades. I lived in neutrals because that’s where I felt safe. I took out my color swatch fan that I got with my consultation, and went to work. There was a bit of a grieving process knowing that my closet was full of shades NOT in my fan, but then a mindset switch took place. Note: Molly is NOT the fashion police and would NEVER tell you not to wear something that makes you happy. However, I knew what I would look best in (some still neutral, just different neutrals), so I didn’t want to keep many of the items in my closet. I had seen with my very own eyes that there were better colors for me out there. 

And this is where change happened. 

  1. My closet was SO much easier to clean out. I had been putting it off for a while, but knowing my colors made it so easy.
  2. Shopping was more fun! I could easily eliminate certain items, because I knew they weren't in my season, and that’s okay. I began choosing items that I wouldn’t have dared before because I had confidence knowing those look best on me. 
  3. I couldn’t believe the change in my make-up. I found myself telling Molly I wanted more shades. I tried on the same lipstick that I wore for years and couldn’t believe how my lips just faded into my face. I used to wear only warm shades, but switching to the cool winter palette has made all the difference!
  4. My hair color. I used to feel that I needed some sort of highlights in my hair, but I learned that they are not for everyone, including me! 

From not understanding the value in color analysis to being an outright advocate, I am here to encourage you to invest in yourself. I hope that my experience has shed a little light on why one would want to make an appointment with Molly.

I get nothing in return for my opinion. When I find something good though, I always want to share! 


(I learned this is one of my WOW colors, and I feel good in it!)

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Hi! Just wanted to say, I’ve always wanted to get my " colors" done. Could you tell me more about Molly? I don’t live in Bainbridge, but would be willing to travel for a session with her. BTW, you look fabulous in the blue!

Carole Barnes

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